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SHRT Motorsports Brand Ambassador Program

Updated: May 20, 2020

What is the SHRT Motorsports Brand Ambassador Program?

SHRT Motorsports Brand Ambassadors are an exclusive group of energetic individuals that live and breathe Performance and will be an integral part to helping spread the word about SHRT Motorsports! These individuals will represent the brand SHRT Motorsports and become an extension of our brand. We will provide you with Product Discounts and Promotional Materials that you can share with your friends and peers or anyone else you feel may be interested in what we have to offer!

What is expected from you as a SHRT Motorsports Brand Ambassador?

The SHRT Motorsports Brand Ambassador plays an important role in assisting with the growth of SHRT Motorsports by helping to promote our brand via social media, events, and just putting the word out in the community! As an Ambassador of SHRT Motorsports, we will also expect you to always carry yourself in a positive manner and refrain from illegal activities as Ambassadors not only for SHRT Motorsports, but the Automotive Community as well!

You will also be provided with SHRT Motorsports Decals for placement on your vehicle. T-Shirts will also be made for you as well!

How can you become a SHRT Motorsports Brand Ambassador?

Very simple! Shoot us an email with a picture of yourself and your vehicle, along with why you feel you would be a perfect fit to work with and represent SHRT Motorsports!

Email Submissions to:

#shrtmotorsports #brandambassador #sponsorship

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