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Tarheel Sports Car Club | Auto-X Event | Cary, NC

Updated: May 20, 2020

As SHRT Motorsports is now on the East Coast, and setting up shop here in Cary, NC, we felt it necessary to swing by and check out this local Auto-X event held by the Tarheel Sports Car Club at the Cary Town Center mall. Being new here, we are still learning about the local car culture here and it was refreshing to see this local event host a wide variety of vehicles!

We had joined a local car enthusiast group on Facebook (NC Nissan Owners) where one of its members told us about this event and how he was participating all weekend in his R32 GT-R. Being only five minutes away from the shop here, we had to go check this out!

Even though with the new 25 year rule, its still rare to see these R32 GT-R's out on the streets...let alone out on the track!

Here is a video from Bryan's Fast Lap in his R32 GT-R:

In addition to this, we also discovered there was a JDM S13 Coupe running a the same event!

We have only been in the state of NC for about a month and hadn't seen one R35 GT-R out on the roads here, where they are a common site back in California! This event did have a GT-R owner competing and showing what this car can do!

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Tarheel Sports Car Club for hosting this event and giving these drivers a safe place to drive, push themselves, and grow the sport!

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