What’s better than chocolate? More chocolate! When you first bite into our  Chocolate Brownie Beast Energy Cookie, you’ll be presented with multiple layers of chocolatey greatness. The first layer is slightly crisp, just like a fresh baked batch of brownies right out of the oven! The second layer is perfectly moist and loaded with rich chocolate morsels! After one bite you will know why our Chocolate Brownie Beast Energy Cookie is a fan favorite!  Kick it up a notch and try this one "Beast ala mode"!

Beast Energy Cookies are infused with 180mg of natural caffeine from Green Tea extract and packed with 10g of our superior quality proprietary protein blend.


  • Beast Cookie Co.

  • **This product is not  intended for those under the age of 18 and those sensitive to caffeine. Pregnant or nursing women, those with any medical condition, and those taking medication should consult a healthcare professional before use.**