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Pioneers in synthetic lubricants, Motul has developed the 300V Motorsport range based on the unique ESTER Core® technology that gives you unrivaled power increase, outstanding lubrication and optimal protection for your vehicle, creating the perfect conditions for ultimate victory!

Over several decades, Motul has perfectly mastered the technology of esters. Combining this technology with an optimal selection of high performance synthetic base oils, coupled with an innovative additives package, gives exceptional synergy. This is the latest Motul technological evolution: ESTER Core. Used exclusively in the 300V range, this technology guarantees to obtain maximal performance, over and beyond existing standards.


 * *POWER* - Reduced internal friction
 * *RELIABILITY* - High temperature resistance and oil pressure stability
 * *PROTECTION* - Optimised polarity for maximal adherence of the oil film
 * *LOW LUBRICANT CONSUMPTION* - Exclusive formulation of low volatility synthetic base oils


$38.00 Regular Price
$34.20Sale Price
  • 10 x 8 x 4 - 4.75 lbs

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